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Hitherfield School - Nursery

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MM1417 Sun 01-Oct-17 04:14:51

Hello all. We have been offered a place at the nursery for January (2018) for my daughter who will have just turned three (and will start school in 2019). I'm a little concerned that she will be an academic year younger than most other children who started in Sept (who will turn 4 this academic year and start reception 2019).

Does anyone have any personal experience of the nursery they could share, is there a mix of ages from 3 upwards? Do children usually spend just one year in reception or is the situation my daughter would be in common?

I'm keen to keep her with peers and not sure if I should defer place until September when i suspect children in her school year will start.

Hope this makes sense..... thanks for any info xx

pleasehelpmycakequery Mon 02-Oct-17 22:11:11

Hi there! Just saw your message. Both my daughters went through Hitherfield nursery and it is wonderful, as is the school. I think you're right to think it is slightly unusual for children to get places there when they're only just 3 though, unless they are summer born - usually it's quite oversubscribed so for example my second daughter who is born in October had to wait until she was 3 years 11 months to take up her 15 hours there, because usually places only come up in September, if you see what I mean.
It's a lovely nursery though and they really care for the kids as individuals and there definitely are some kids that do up to 5 terms there. They really focus on the child and offer stretch to the more advanced/grown up kids eg. take them into the main school to do more phonics if they're ready and keen. So there's no reason to think your daughter would be bored by the extra terms there. It's always seemed to me very integrated with a wide range of kids, levels of maturity and abilities when they start.
If you're concerned why not go in and chat to them - Sharon in particular is the nursery teacher I know best, she is great and got the measure of my younger daughter in particular very quickly.
Good luck with your decision making!

gaijingirl Wed 18-Oct-17 19:12:47

Both my children went to Hitherfield Nursery and are now in year 1 and 3. I also cannot speak highly enough of both the nursery and the school - both my children are very happy there. They have recently expanded the nursery which is why they are able to offer more places, I imagine - so I expect there will be other children there in a similar postition. If you have any worries I would speak directly to the teachers as suggested above. I've found all those we've dealt with to be extremely caring and our children have thrived there. Good luck.

Lemonsandoranges Fri 20-Oct-17 10:23:21

Agree with gaijingirl that Hitherfield is able to offer more nursery places as they've expanded the nursery to accommodate the increased free hours so there are likely to be more children aged 3. Of course you have to go and see & judge for yourself, but my experience of Hitherfield nursery was really positive. A supportive, creative, fun, nurturing environment, in a purpose-built centre - head and shoulders above some private nurseries we had used (and much much better value). I would have been delighted if my daughter could have gone there from a younger age!

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