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Mum and 3 yo looking for a social life

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Cakeeat1968 Fri 29-Sep-17 04:00:28

Hi, I'm a single parent with a 3yo. I split up with her dad in Feb, moved to the west of Cardiff and for a few reasons had to leave our social life behind. My daughter keeps commenting that she has 'no friends' and it's true that she doesn't socialise with any children now really outside of nursery. I feel bad for her and need to remedy! I'd also like to make new friends. I know from experience that going to play group doesn't really help with that. I've tried it before while it's fun while we're there, we never seem to make any friendships there that last behind those few hours. I think it's the way I am - I've always moved about and never seem to form long term friendships (except recently ones with ppl with no children), but I don't want her to suffer because of it and be lonelysad she is going through enough due to recent upheaval. Any suggestions?!

Cakeeat1968 Fri 29-Sep-17 04:10:57

Edit to add that I am a friendly person and make an effort to chat to ppl outside her nursery or outside playgroup but it never seems to go beyond that!

Jennifaerie Fri 29-Sep-17 06:00:54

There's an app called mush that can help you meet people in your area who are looking to make friends. I've recently been in a similar boat with moving but my DD1 is in school which makes it easier.

Are there any other toddler groups the two of you could go to? Or a soft play? Or mention to the nursery staff that your daughter wondered if (pick a friend) wanted to come for a playdate and could the parents give you a call?

Good luck, it's not easy being new to an area x

CottonSock Fri 29-Sep-17 21:18:04

Hike it baby does stuff every day and very friendly

chronicginandtonic Mon 02-Oct-17 08:20:28

argh its tough sometimes. have you tried the Hoop app? that's good for things on in cardiff for kids and a chance to make friends. We're just outside Cardiff in the Vale and I find it useful. other than that we do local playgroups and playdates with little ones in her class now she's started half days at nursery school. Ask your daughter who she plays with at nursery and maybe pop a little note on their peg saying she'd like a playdate one day and leave them your mobile no. smile

purplecloudsgreyrain Sat 02-Dec-17 15:27:45

We have just moved to Cardiff. I have two boys aged 4.5 and 1.5. If you fancy a meetup, you could pm me! My eldest played with boys and girls where we used to live.

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