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University Hospitals Leicester NHS workers' question!

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lelapaletute Wed 27-Sep-17 20:35:37

Hi all, I have recently moved to Leicester from London (very good move, its so much nicer here!!)

I am now looking for work in the NHS as my little girl is now 8 months and my maternity leave is running out. If i cant find a job in the health service it will cost me up to £7k rebate of maternity pay, so I'm highly motivated! ;)

My question is though - what is it like working for the trust (in a nonclinical role)?

My current job to which I won't be returning is with a London Trust that is a notorious basket case, and oh my God it was stressful. The idea of working as much unpaid overtime as I was in my last role now I have a little one is just... no way is it going to happen! So if it's going to be incredibly difficult to get anything done, horribly stressful and chaotic, then I might consider taking the maternity pay hit and taking my transferable skills to another sector where the expectations are realistic.

So spill the beans, Leicester NHS folk - is it awful or OK? xx

HippadoppaloppaGammeldag Thu 28-Sep-17 18:35:24

I think it depends what department you're in. I don't work for UHL, but I do work for LPT in a non clinical role. Our office / service is rubbish, I just do it for the enhancements, as I have a FWR in place!

If you're looking specifically for UHL then bear in mind parking will be a complete nightmare round the Leicester Hospitals!

Good luck in your job search, there's always plenty of vacancies!

bluefoxcub Thu 28-Sep-17 19:24:35

I suppose it depends where you want to work? All 3 UHL hospitals are a nightmare to park. Also it depends where about you live and what times you will be working. The streets around the royal are permit only for residents apart from certain times. Also when the football and Rugby are on if you come out at the same time, traffic is at a standstill. Also similar at rush hour. Plenty of buses and hospital hopper if not driving? As for working it depends which department some good some not so good. I would also advise applying with plenty of time to spare as HR can be frustrating. Also bear in mind not just UHL operate in Leicester/ Leicestershire. Someone has already mention Leicestershire partnership trust ( they are having a careers event on 3/10/17). But also Derbyshire health united run the 111 service and have a base in Leicester, Staffordshire and stoke run sexual health services, Nottinghamshire healthcare run some services in Leicestershire, to name a few trusts that operate in the area. So probably would be wise to search NHS Jobs for the band you want to work at? Not sure if that helped.x

Babyroobs Thu 28-Sep-17 21:15:21

I don't work for the trust but spend a lot of time at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and I would avoid that hospital if at all possible ! As others have said parking is a nightmare ( I pay £7 a day just to go to work there). It can take me 10 ins just to get out of the multi- storey carpark. the nearest place to park free is a 20 minute walk through a dodgy area. not too bad if it's 9-5 work. I need a quick exit to get back for my kids so have to pay the parking charge really, not sure if there is a discount for NHS staff. The wards at the LRI seem chaotic ( some are better than others).

Thecomfortador Thu 28-Sep-17 22:30:50

sunshine I remember the day I informed our half job harry window cleaner we no longer required his services. It was brilliant, I felt so free afterwards.

I basically told him while getting my purse to pay him, so I didn't have to look him in the eye, and to be fair to the guy, he accepted it no questions asked. Be brave and ye shall be forever free. Until the next embarrassing thing happens.

Thecomfortador Thu 28-Sep-17 22:31:50

How did I post on this thread? So sorry!

NewBallsPlease00 Wed 11-Oct-17 23:22:29

Does it need to be Leicester, Cov walls grace has much better parking available if that's a deal breaker and much easier links from much of south leics
Also George Elliott in Nuneaton

lelapaletute Thu 12-Oct-17 12:31:11

Thanks all for the advice - I've been given an interview at LRI this week which is walkable/bikeable from my house so hopefully parking won't be an issue! smile

It's more the culture of the Trust I'm wondering about as where I worked before was very chaotic - I'd like to know if people tend to stay in their roles for a decent amount of time and the roles are what they say on the tin, if there's any bullying or an expectation admin staff will put in bags of unpaid overtime to get unrealistic workloads completed etc. I was absolutely flogged in my last Trust and while at that point I could afford to work masses of overtime to try and meet the demands I now have a little girl and tbh she is always going to be my priority over work when it comes to allocating my time... Are management realistic, is the workload reasonable? I work very hard in office hours, but I certainly can't afford to be there until 8pm 3 nights out of 5 anymore like I was in the last place!

lelapaletute Thu 12-Oct-17 12:32:59

And yes NewBalls I am very keen to get a job in Leicester to maximise the time I can be with my baby. I am so struggling to get my head around not seeing her most of the day all week! 😢

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