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Buckinghamshire School Catchment Areas

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controversialflapjack Fri 22-Sep-17 10:01:12

Hello. Just posting a link to a map of Buckinghamshire school catchment areas, which is zoomable and clickable so you can see a bit more than you can using the ones on the council website. To isolate the areas for different schools or types of school use the drop down menus on the Content tab. Hope people find it useful -,51.6157,-0.129,52.0637

Bestbabbymum Thu 28-Sep-17 08:00:22


Thanks for the link. We live in Twickenham and would like our DC to apply for burnham or sir William grammar at 11+. At the open evening they told us that anyone can apply regardless of the distance but according to their admission policy they do look whether you live in the area or not. Any idea whether there is chance to get into one of these schools if DC achieves a score? Thanks for your response in advance!

poisonedbypen Thu 28-Sep-17 08:19:31

Very unlikely & absolutely no chance for SWB. Look at the Buckinghamshire County Council website for the distances offered each year. They get smaller each year Would you move house? You couldn't ask a child to travel that journey for 7 years. What is wrong with your local schools?

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