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38k - good salary in Wembley?

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Hannah173 Thu 31-Aug-17 00:27:59


I was offered a job in Wembley and I'm thinking of relocating to this area.
Is 38k before tax a good salary to live in Wembley? We're a family of 4, my kids are 6 and 8.
We would have to live on one salary since my job would require a lot of travelling, so DH could only search for part-time jobs.
I've had a look on RightMove and the rent is quite cheap in this area.
What part of Wembley would you recommend to us? How about schools?
We're looking for a nice, safe area with a community feeling.
Thanks! Xx

varicoseveined Thu 14-Sep-17 01:23:38

Hi! Notable state primary schools in Wembley, in no particular order:

Oakington Manor Primary
Lyon Park Primary
Byron Court Primary
Preston Park Primary
Preston Manor Primary

Hope that helps!

Buck3t Thu 12-Oct-17 08:24:06

Try to avoid Wembley central. I'd look Wembley park way. Or beyond Wembley central to Sudbury. Note if you are a car driver you're living smack bang in the middle of event day limited parking every week. Especially for the limited time that Tottenham are using it as their home ground. Have been out of the area for a while so not sure about schools. But great transport links with everything on your doorstep.

Whether it's £38k is enough I couldn't say, it depends on your lifestyle.

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