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Keswick Hall / st georges wicklewood / thickthorn hall

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Ponjii72 Mon 21-Aug-17 08:30:03

Does anyone have any experience in living somewhere like this? I'm interested in somewhere with communal gardens for my kids so they can 'play out' more and also somewhere more sociable for me, but not sure if these kinds of places are likely to be more popular with tutting older folk! Any other suggestions welcome.

agirlcalledmove Mon 21-Aug-17 11:58:47

There's a good mix of ages at Keswick from young couples, older people and families. Obviously the families tend to be over the tennis court side as that's where the larger properties are.

My experience is 5 years out of date though as our friends have since moved. They brought up 3 children there who certainly appreciated the space, the pool in the summer (lots of the older folks have visiting grandchildren then!!) and the environment. As teens they regretted being further out of Norwich than they wanted but all ended up very fit cyclists.

As a single parent I often wonder whether I would be better off somewhere like this as I lack time for gardening (and the inclination)

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