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Moving to Norfolk

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twoforluck Tue 15-Aug-17 19:41:33

Hello Norfolk mumsnetters!
DH and i are thinking of moving to Norfolk with dd5 and ds2 and i was hoping for some advise... we are looking at a house just outside Hingham and i was wondering what your opinions on that area are? I lived for a while as a child in East Runton but this area is new to me.
Ive read a few Norfolk threads where people have mentioned that it can be quite cliquey .... is this the case in your opinion? Or do you think we'd be accepted as outsiders? We have friends in Norwich but would obvs hope to make some new ones too... esp for the children! Thanks

foolonthehill Wed 16-Aug-17 09:55:03

we moved here 17 years ago from London and I think it is significantly less cliquey now than then. Certainly Norwich has changed a lot.

Re is pretty, Georgian pretty rural and as you suspect very different form the coastal towns and villages. Lots of history (was a Saxon town with royal connections) My impression is that the involvement of the local community has decreased in the last decade, but that may be changing. It reflects the employment and move of Lotus further away.

School: Hingham primary is ok but people will be driving in from all over. For secondary I guess you would be looking at Wymondham where the school are excellent.

People...will depend on who you are...there is a "rich" circle in Norfolk and not rich but still posh (I don't fit with either of these) and then rural commuters (still London/Cambridge based with just toes in Norfolk) or the rest of us living and working where rural communities can be a bit harder to break into .

In short it depends who you fit with and what you want as to whether it works.

Norwich/Wymondham are easier and nearby though

twoforluck Wed 16-Aug-17 13:24:17

Thank you thats really helpful

jsw1305 Sun 27-Aug-17 15:43:59


We moved to Hingham a year ago. My husband works abroad so I am on my own with our 3 girls quite a lot. Our 2 eldest go to Hingham Primary and love it! I have found everyone very friendly and there is plenty to do with my toddler. Let me know if you do move here, would be more than happy to meet up!

twoforluck Fri 01-Sep-17 22:48:08

Thats great to hear jsw! I will definitely let you know thats really kind.... thank you

bletmum Thu 07-Sep-17 14:03:40

Hi we moved to Norfolk (Attleborough) from Cambridgeshire two years ago. I think people are very cautious at getting to know you as an outsider!
The more approachable people are definitely the ones who have also moved into the area. I've found it really lonely and definitely found the parents outside the school in Cambs were more friendly 🤗
We both commute out of Norfolk myself to Herts and my husband to Suffolk, it may contribute to why I've struggled as I'm not always in the area.
Norfolk is a beautiful area and feels a very safe place it's great for getting to the coast. The A11 development has improved getting out of the county dramatically!!
Good luck with the move ☘️

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