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Can anyone recommend a divorce lawyer?

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couchtospecialk Tue 15-Aug-17 08:06:37

Unfortunately needed sad but it has to be a lawyer who is not ego driven and wants to just get loads of money out of the divorce. I just want to facilitate a dignified civil separation.

GingerIvy Wed 16-Aug-17 08:03:13

I'm using a lawyer from this firm and have been very happy with them so far. We too are just trying to maintain civility in the divorce.

couchtospecialk Wed 16-Aug-17 19:01:23

Thank you Gingerivy, I'll have a look at them. Do you have a specific solicitor that you'd recommend? Could you PM me if so? flowers

GingerIvy Wed 16-Aug-17 20:45:37

I will PM you the name of mine.

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