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Does anyone have a decent doctor's surgery in Kennington?

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MrsSchadenfreude Fri 04-Aug-17 20:59:23

I've had it with the Hurley Clinic. None of the GPs seem to work more than two days a week and some only seem to work when the moon turns green. You wait three weeks to see a locum - the last one didn't even examine me, just gave me a prescription which hasn't been made for years. Pharmacy can't give me anything similar, I have to go back to the GP to get it reissued. The final straw this week was being told I would have to wait nearly 4 weeks to get stitches removed - you used to be able to drop in without an appointment any afternoon and the nurse would fit you in. Instead, I've been farmed out to a practice in Camberwell, which is nowhere near me. This is not a service, this is a pile of shit. You used to be able to turn up in the morning and see a doctor at some point. Not any more. At best you get a phone consultation and prescribed antibiotics to be collected from your local pharmacy. All I want is to be able to see a doctor within about a week, when I am actually sick. No wonder A & E is full of people who can't get to see a GP.

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