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Charity Online Auction - Prizes Needed

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jcroo65510 Sat 29-Jul-17 12:19:17

Hi. I am a assistant marketing volunteer for Mid Sussex Friends of Safe Haven for Donkeys and am in the process of organising an online auction which will take place around November time. I know it seems ages away but I am starting to gather prizes. The auction will be raising funds for the charity Safe Haven for Donkeys who's head office is based here in Sussex.

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land has a donkey sanctuary near the Israeli town of Netanya, currently home to around 220 unwanted and abused animals. In addition, Safe Haven provides free veterinary treatment to hundreds of working donkeys, mules and horses each month in the Palestinian Territories and advice and support to the owners who rely totally on their animals.

If anyone would be willing to kindly donate a prize please contact myself or see the groups facebook page. The auction will be run via the jumblebee website so ideally I would be looking for vouchers more than goods due to any postage costs. Alternatively if you would like more details please let me know. The auction will be advertised throughout social media both locally and in other areas and of course I will advertise your company in return

Please contact -

Thank you in advance x
(Charity No. 1083468)

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