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Moving to Colliers Wood/Mitcham borders near Lavender Park

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user714205 Fri 07-Jul-17 08:09:20


My DH and I are expecting our first child and considering a move from Tooting to Colliers Wood and have seen a house in the housing development the other side of Lavender Park (from Colliers Wood). Just wondering if anyone has any advice on the area, is it a good place to be for baby groups etc, also worried about the walk to and from Colliers Wood Station, which goes through the park, is it safe?!

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

LocalEditorMerton Fri 07-Jul-17 19:19:19

Hi user714205

I have posted your query up on our FB page and Twitter so hopefully someone who live locally will reply very soon.

It is safe to say that the Tooting Borders and Colliers Wood areas are gentrifying fast and this will already have a knock-on effect on the just into Mitcham area which Lavender Fields is.

I think that area has probably changed considerably in the past five- years or so.

Truly the best way to suss out an area is to visit yourself at different times of the day and evening. What one person considers safe another won't - if that makes sense?

There's lots going on for families in that SW17/SW19/CR4 triangle (TB, CW and LF), and of course nearby there's also Deen City Farm, Merton Abbey Mills and Eddie Catz.

That area is very well (possibly best in borough????) served by transport links (buses and Underground) into London, the rest of Merton and further afield: Sutton, Epsom and Croydon. And of course there's also Thameslink from Tooting Station.

Good luck!

JilledOut Mon 10-Jul-17 15:59:15

I've lived in Mitcham/Colliers Wood for 16 years and it's a lovely place. The walk to the station is fine through the park in daylight, it shuts after dusk anyway but walking anywhere in London I would advise not being engrossed in your mobile phone or wearing headphones for your own safety, something I see far too many people doing these days.

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