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Sussex to Durham?

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JJ76 Mon 08-May-17 15:04:10

Hi Everybody,

I know this has previously been asked before, but ...

My husband is originally from Durham and I am from Brighton. We currently live on the South Coast just outside of the Brighton area.

We've been looking at house prices and where we currently live house prices for a detached house start from around £400k.

We spend some time up in the Durham area visiting my OH's family and most recently we had a drive around some areas to gage what they were like -we keep seeing houses on Rightmove, but wanted to see the areas for ourselves.

We've narrowed it down to several places:
High Shincliffe

Obviously being a Southerner, I am a bit concerned about the relocation, namely around not meeting new people and leaving my family behind, but I do feel this is the right move for us.

We're also looking at schools and would be looking at a state Catholic school. My OH went to St Leonards and says it's a very good school, but some of the areas we are looking at are outside the catchment area.

Any advise on relocating / how to meet people etc would be welcomed. I am also an avid am dram bod and would love to know if there are any thriving drama societies in the area too.

Many thanks, JJ

myrtleWilson Mon 08-May-17 17:54:49

Hello - thats quite a move you're contemplating! We moved up from the SW to the NE about 15 years ago - and to be completely honest it took us a couple of years to feel settled in (and taking advantage of the fabulous beaches etc) However, we knew nobody in the NE so you're at an advantage with your DH's heritage!
We moved over to Durham about a year ago and really pleased we made the move. Shincliffe/High Shincliffe is very near to me and very popular village -y feel. I know less about your other options so can't comment in detail. Do you want to be in Durham city itself (or within striking distance) or would you prefer a location like Lanchester which is about 20/25 min drive from the centre?
In terms of schools - St Leonards is very popular - I've linked to the 17/18 admissions booklet which details the primary feeder schools for St Leonards. That said - if you were interested in Lanchester - you do have the additional option of St Bedes (but i don't have any first hand knowledge of the school....)
I've seen mentions of the occasional mumsnet meet up in Durham (on the mainboards I think but could be wrong) so that may be a good getting to know people route...)

Hope your move planning goes well!

potteringpenguin Mon 08-May-17 18:51:13

Hello. Shincliffe and HIgh Shincliffe are lovely and although we don't live there, but in the city centre, all four of mine have been through the primary there. Mine went/go to Durham Johnston but friends are pleased with St Leonard's.

There is a tiny theatre in the city centre with several productions a year and very enthusiastic members.

I love Durham and would say do it. We Northerners are very friendly and Durham is so beautiful. I hope we never have to leave here.

yveeastdurham Mon 08-May-17 18:59:36

Lanchester has St Bede's which is also a great school.

shortcake76 Tue 09-May-17 15:33:25

Thank you all for your responses (have had to change username for some reason!)

We really like Lanchester as it has amenities, but personally I think I would prefer to be closer to actual Durham itself. Shincliffe itself is lovely, but expensive, hence High Shincliffe!!

Thanks for the link to the schools site and also for the comment re local drama groups.

Yes, it is quite a move, but inexplicably I feel its the right one for us and at least we have links and DH also has old school friends and we always go out for drinks and meals with them and their wives - in fact, we probably have a better social life there than where we do where we currently live!

Yes, I have also always found everybody really friendly. Brighton has become far too like London - its impersonal.

yveeastdurham Tue 09-May-17 15:50:17

Shincliffe is marked down as my lottery win location of choice.

Dreadful mobile reception there, mind!

shortcake76 Tue 09-May-17 16:04:07

Haha yes. It is really lovely. Saw one house being marketed at 750k shock

yveeastdurham Tue 09-May-17 22:40:09

This is the one that amazes me. It's a 3 bed terrace - like a tardis!

shortcake76 Wed 10-May-17 09:58:00

This was the one I saw!!

Definitely like the Dr's Tardis. I did love Shincliffe - just a shame it's going to be lottery win place for us too!!

I guess for now it's going to be a case of seeing what's come up on Rightmove in the past 24 hours. I have to say, not a lot is coming up at the moment.

myrtleWilson Wed 10-May-17 17:19:38

there are a few new build estates in Durham city (or environs). - for example. Which hasn't long started on site but they seem to be moving at speed. This site is about a 10 min bus ride into the centre of Durham...

LocalEditorDurham&Newcastle Thu 18-May-17 12:39:35

I'm quite near to Witton le Wear and it is a lovely village, only down side is that there is no shop. Good for access to various parts of the region, but nice and rural as well.

Ancientandancienter Thu 18-May-17 14:30:51

I like living in Durham v much - for me, though, I do like living in the city where there are people from all over the place. It's not London wink but there is a fair amount going on, plus easy to get up to Newcastle for concerts etc. I've met people most through sport or through our children or work - although that often overlaps! It's a pretty small town and there's only about 3 degrees of separation... I live on a really friendly street too.

I really like Lanchester (and St Bede's does have a good reputation, I know some teachers there), and whenever I've stopped there I've found people very friendly. I would be a bit more hesitant about some of the other villages though. Definitely take the time to hang out in the various places, go to shops/cafes etc and get a sense of the vibe.

Also be warned that there is some pressure on places for St Leonards. There are some very good schools in Durham, but also some really not so good ones around too... definitely do your homework and don't end up in the wrong catchment! It's often directly reflected in the house prices, so if it's cheap, it might be cheap for a reason. Shincliffe has suffered a bit from this since it's fallen out of DJCS's catchment. I do wonder if prices will stay the same - I guess it's fine if you were going to send your kids to private school anyway, as many who are in that price bracket would be. Anyway... rambling!

Best of luck, hope to see you at a Durham MN meet up grin

juanlegonly Sun 11-Jun-17 16:42:58

Don't count out Wolsingham, it's lovely and you'll get a lot more for your money.


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