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Life around Victoria Park N3

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iiiiii Sat 06-May-17 16:54:30

Calling all residents of N3 around Victoria Park! We are looking to move into the area and would love to have your thoughts on the neighbourhood and amenities around.

The big question - noise pollution from the North Circular - does anyone think this is an issue? We saw a house on Woodlands and when standing in the garden the noise is very noticeable. Maybe we are hyper-sensitive but it is constant white noise. I wonder if you get use to it or it becomes a nuisance? Also seems to be a flight path, saw lots of airplanes right over... Does the noise level lower in the evening/night/weekends?

Schools - Manorside Primary outstanding. What do you like/dislike about the school?

High-street - Bollards Lane.. likes and dislikes?

Crime?... other issues?

Anything else you would like to add - we welcome all your views as we try to get a feel of life around the park.

Many thanks!!

bonzo77 Sat 06-May-17 18:32:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Amiable Sat 08-Jul-17 16:01:46

Hi, we used to live just off the North Circular, and we did get used to the noise in a very short time, but the pollution did concern me so we have moved to other side of N3. Victoria Park is great, but also Stephens House Gardens (I think that is the new name, it used to be Avenue House Gardens) is super! Shops on Ballard Lane are pretty basic, but restaurants and cafes are great, we are really well catered for no matter what type of food you like! North & East Finchleys are also very easy to get to for variety, and Brent Cross is very easy to get to for clothes shopping etc (and has free parking!) This is a great area for families and having lived here for around 12 years total would recommend it.

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