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Looking for school drop off and pick up from Bowden Prep for Girls

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Altydad1 Sun 23-Apr-17 21:02:22

We are looking for someone to drop off and pick up our two daughters from Bowden Prep School for Girls. We live in Altrincham. We were thinking of paying £10 a day Monday to Friday.

Does anyone know of any Child minders or anyone else who would be able to do this for us.

Any help & assistance would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks :-)

mandy214 Sun 23-Apr-17 23:37:27

We're close by & pay £10 per hour for pick up & after school so I think you will struggle to find anyone at £10 per day.

Altydad1 Mon 24-Apr-17 14:21:51

Hi mandy214,

I don't think I explained properly. We are only looking for someone who would be able to do the school run i.e. just to pick up and drop off from school and not any child care.

At the moment next doors nanny does this as she already does the school run for next door but she will not be working for them soon.

We did ask a child minder that already does a school run to Bowden Prep for Girls but she has only one space in her car.

Do you know anyone that can help ?


aLHAM Mon 24-Jul-17 13:46:13

Hi Iam looking for some one to drop off my children from the beaver road primary school I have two boys 5 and 8

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