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synchronized swiming lessons

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hamema Tue 14-Mar-17 15:23:51

I'm a french mummy , and we are going to live in Barnet(sorry for my english).I have 2 daughters who make synchronized swimming .I know that there is a club the barnet club , do someone know it?I would like to know the schedules's training and if there are courses on Easter's holidays?I have asked them on facebook but i don't have answers yet.
If you can help me it would be amazing .My son who is 10 years makes aikido , is there any club in Barnet?
We are happy to live in Barnet .
Thanks a lot .

CaurnieBred Wed 15-Mar-17 10:24:17

Barnet Copthall Synchro: I think this is a competitive club

Potters Bar Synchro: this is a recreational club

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