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Strapittoapigeon Sat 25-Feb-17 17:46:29

Marlow Round Table is a voluntary organisation with 20-odd members who meet once a month for a beer and a chat. At several points in the year we run events that raise money for charity - Children in need bridge collection, May Fayre, Christmas Float, Regatta Bar. We all tend to be married, settled and with kids. Those are not requirements. Members must be male, between 18 and 45, live or work in the Marlow area. There are other Round Tables if you live/work elsewhere. We have raised around £60k in the last 5 years but we have been going in Marlow for almost 60 years. We always do our activities whilst having fun and meeting new people. It. Has. To. Be. Fun! One of our partners calls it drinking with a conscience. All the monies raised are passed to local charities and good causes. You get to see what is going in your local community and feel like you are making a difference. If you have a partner who would be perfect for this - or you yourself are interested then get in touch. We shout the first drink. We buy the first dinner. After that it is self funded. You get to see what we are like before committing to anything. Nothing too serious. Certainly nothing too weird. Go on. Do it. Get in touch

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