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NikkiHwith2 Mon 20-Feb-17 16:58:36

My DS has a sever Learning Disability and we are awaiting an EHCP. We are looking to move to Somerset and wanted to hear from anyone who perhaps is in a similar situation. He has no behaviour issues but struggles academically. I am hoping there is someone on here who has a similar situation either with their child in a specialist education setting or mainstream with good support? I don't know where to start to look to be honest other than every school website?

AddictedIsHere Mon 20-Feb-17 18:14:07

Hi Nikki, Somerset is a big place! Which area are you looking to move to?

Tissie Mon 11-Sep-17 12:38:23

Avoid Weston Super Mare, Bridgewater. Wells is a lovely small city with excellent primary and secondary schools. I live in Wells and am a retired senco who does some paid tutoring and an equal amount of voluntary unpaid tutoring/support. You would be welcome to visit me - I live in the heart of the city - and make plans to visit schools.

PovertyJetset Mon 11-Sep-17 15:00:09

Primary or secondary?

Huish primary and then huish secondary are good, Langport.

Trinity then bishop foxes in Taunton

Holy trinity or oaklands then Preston in Yeovil

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