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best primary school around Coventry, recommendation please

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JuneSun Wed 21-Sep-16 09:28:52

Hi, I am new to Coventry area, but may need to move to there due to career change. Anyone could give me some advice on which state/private primary school is the best in this area? Thanks a lot

GrrrMachine Wed 21-Sep-16 16:01:56

Where exactly are you planning on living in Coventry? I am in the south west of the city.

babyiwantabump Wed 21-Sep-16 20:01:01

King Henry prep and Bablake prep are the private options - There is also Patterson college but I'm not sure how young they take children so depends on how old your DC are .

I prefer King Henry Prep but only because I went there and my father went there and my DC now go there so am slightly biast.

babyiwantabump Wed 21-Sep-16 20:02:13

Biased ( auto correct - not a reason not to choose KHPS 😂)

BellsaRinging Wed 21-Sep-16 21:32:22

I am towards Rugby where there is a great state primary school and we are in the grammar school catchment area. If you are ok with a half hour commute into Cov then that would be an option. Private there is Bablake Henry's or he junior school for Princethorpe college in kenilworth.

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