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Holne chase PS- question for those around Bletchley

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mylittleladies2 Sun 05-Jun-16 08:55:14

Hi ladies
I am in Australia but moving to MK for a few years at the end of the month. I'll be living with the in laws until we get a place in the month after we arrived so put in a late application with the council for schools. Got none of my preferences and landed with Holne chase. I'm not that happy about it, my daughter will be starting reception in sept and the ofsted report states that the reception standard of student results is below the national average which for me is anxiety provoking. Anyway we plan on living around shenley/tattenhoe or Woburn sands if a suitable property comes up but obviously I'm out of catchment for shenley with the Bletchley address I had to use. I am considering my options, waitlists, trying through Bedford council if we get a Woburn address but all that failing in the short term anyone have any insight into the school. A school that undersubscribed is a red flag for me!
A friend who lives in HEmel suggested I may get some insight via here. I plan on lurking around the school when I arrive but in the meantime...
I missed out on chestnuts ps by .025 of a mile!

Thanks for reading my essay in advance. wink

zipzapmk Sun 05-Jun-16 18:34:26

In haste, pm me if you want more info later!

But I live close to Shenley Church End and dc went to Glastonbury Thorn which is a lovely school and also rated outstanding. definitely worth a look at and talking to someone who still has dc there, apparently there are plenty of people from out of its catchment area as lots of people stay in SCE for years so there aren't as many local dc to fill it up as there used to be.

I have friends that also sent dc to the infant schools in Two Mile Ash or Great Holm - both have good reuputations and do well, friends were very happy with them. Also have the benefit of being feeder schools for the junior school in TMA which my dc go to and which is a big school but fantastic.

All the areas mentioned are nice to live in - don't know what made you think of the Shenleys or Tattenhoe but its worth considering TMA, Great Holm and Loughton too as beibg similar to the others you're thinking about.

Need to run now

zipzapmk Sun 05-Jun-16 18:35:36

Oh and bummer about missing out on the school you want by such a short distance - that must be so frustrating!

amatuermummy Sat 24-Sep-16 22:40:05

My nephew goes to Holn Chase and he has done really well there. They did have a bad Ofsted report but apparently they have put things in place and my SIL is very happy with the school. The only thing that did put me off was the mixed years classes but DN has done really well with it so it was just my personal preference.

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