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Buddies in Wakefield area??

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AutumnRose1988 Fri 06-May-16 20:55:28

Hi all,

I hope all who read this are well and having a lovely weekend.

So, I am expecting my firsts (twins) and I am 18 weeks along and looking for some mummy buddies (or non mummy buddies).

I am from the Wakefield area and thought it would be nice to make some new friends at this exciting time of my life. I don't know a great deal about babies or what's out there for Mums, tots and kids (groups etc) so friends with kids would be fab to show me the ropes (and more friends to have tea and cake with would be great too).

Looking forward to getting chatting soon.

Ps-a little bit about me...I like writing, cooking, gardening, shopping, brunching, elevenses, lunching, beauty (although that's gone a bit haywire since I found out I've been pregnant lol) xx

LocalEditorWakefield Thu 19-May-16 10:40:49

nataliefruit Sat 13-Aug-16 21:18:10

Hi AutumnRose,

Congratulations on your pregnancy and with twins too, how exciting! How are you feeling? I'm in almost the same situation - I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with my first (just the one tho wink) and have absolutely no idea about babies & what's out there in Wakefield for mums (or little ones for that matter!)

I like tea and cake as well as reading, cooking, trying to do some form of gardening (though I a week to be naturally useless!), shopping (a refreshed love now I realise how fun it is to shop for little people grin) and films.

I realise it's been a while since your post but give me a shout if you feel like meeting up.


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