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Moving to York temporarily to give birth - hospital advice please

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Manzanita Wed 18-Nov-15 09:38:00

Hi, I currently live abroad but I'll most likely be staying in the UK to give birth in mid April (to have a very helpful mum closer to hand!). Any advice on good hospitals in the N Yorkshire area? I understand York hospital is pretty good... Any recommendations for gynos / midwives, please let me know too.

This is my second pregnancy and I'm used to switching countries a lot so Im not too stressed about the move. Having said that, last time I gave birth in Switzerland which was utterly luxurious so I didn't really need a hospital bag. I understand that York might not be quite the same, so advice on what to take is also really appreciated.

I do have the option to go private, but I'm wondering if it's worth it...? I hear that while they're not quite as comfortable, public hospitals offer a better standard of docs...?

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