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Moving to S5- school help please!

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ALEXSZ Thu 29-Oct-15 20:31:58

We are moving from London to S5 in January and I would like your opinion with local schools. My LO is y1 in catholic school so I'm looking for similar for her. There is St Thomas More Catholic and St Mary's high green have you got any experience with this two or any other good schools in the area?
Many thanks. Alex

AmyG87 Fri 16-Dec-16 13:02:02

Hi Alex.

There is also St Patrick's at Lane Top. I suppose it depends where abouts within S5 you are moving to help determine the travel. It's also worth looking into the feeder secondary schools. You'll have to check as it may have changed, but it used to be Notre Dame for St Thomas More and St Mary's, and All Saints for St Patricks. All are really good schools and have good reputations.

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