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coventry in 2015

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iowa Thu 17-Sep-15 23:18:46

Apologies, there are a lot of similar posts but pls bear with me! We're moving to Coventry for my Husbands new job at the University. We have 2 kids to get into Reception and year 3. Reading previous recommendations the South seems like the place to go for...Earlsdon etc. But, previous threads seem to be a number of years old and places can change can quickly! Are there any recommendations for other zones? We're after a big garden in a broad community with a local high street. Any thoughts? I've been to Coventry once for a total of 45 mins in the rain! I liked it but it's all still a tad stressful! Thanks

KatieNora Tue 22-Sep-15 10:48:56

Earlsdon meets a lot of your criteria, has a lovely high street and a nice community feel and good schools, but you'd struggle to find a house with a good sized garden in Earlsdon.

die4urkidz Mon 28-Sep-15 19:17:27

come to my house- youl all fit- no rent required

CoventryCatTheFirst Mon 05-Dec-16 00:10:53

Only problem with Earlsdon is big gardens can be hard to find and often narrow if they are long. A lot of houses are a bit small. The north end of earlsdon tends to have some grand houses. Depend on what you see as a big garden. Also parking can be a issue. But depending on budget there should be something that ticks the boxes. It is a very trendy area hence the prices. Have you thought about styvechale, cheylesmore or Coundon? Are catchment areas an issue?

GrrrMachine Mon 05-Dec-16 15:21:44

Tile Hill has a mix of housing stock and decent links to the city centre as well as being close to the shops and University. PM me if you want more details.

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