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New to NI

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ggmcr93 Mon 31-Aug-15 19:25:23

Hello ladies!

I am new to Northern Ireland and I have a young baby called zara, who is 7 months old.

I am new to this site and would like to meet other like minded girls of a similar age to get me out of the house more and to socialise myself and my baby girl!

thankyou, G x

LightHouser Sat 05-Sep-15 14:50:04

Hi G

Whereabouts in County Antrim are you? I've lived over here for a few years but I'm not from here originally. It's tough until you meet people sometimes isn't it, especially with a little one! My girl is 10 months old and we're currently in Carrickfergus.

Also, you don't say how old you are! I'm an older mum, so you might not consider me like minded ;-)

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