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needing wedding advice

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weestephy1990 Wed 18-Feb-15 15:00:29

i have been looking into planning my wedding next year but everywhere i look they dont have price list or they cost and arm and leg does anyone have any advice and idea about where would be a good place and how much it may cost any information or advice is appreciated thanks.

DebsKnockinlaw Mon 09-Mar-15 20:40:05

Hi WeeStephy.

Just found our local boards so sorry for delayed response. I got married at Dean Park and it cost around £360 for two hours use of the room. Have attached some pics. We really enjoyed it and the staff were lovely.

We had our 'reception' at the Powerleague. Cheap and cheerful, did our own food. Was £50 hire and we got that back if £300 was spent behind the bar and there was no damage.

weestephy1990 Wed 11-Mar-15 17:46:47

Thanks was starting to think I was going to have to spend at least 5000 and that's a lot when you have little ones thanks again

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