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Moving to Whitchurch area

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JoPug12 Mon 26-Jan-15 09:58:16


We moved to Winchester from London a few years ago and love it. However, now we want the family home we cannot afford to stay so are looking at other areas.

We love Whitchurch and the surrounding villages but don't know much about them. We also like some of the new build homes in Picket Piece......

Any thoughts, things for us to consider or avoid?!

We are planning to start a family soon so some groups, clubs for a new mum locally would be really nice?!


wonderstuff Wed 18-Feb-15 20:03:20

I'm in Overton, this area is really nice and very friendly. The day nursery at Whitchurch has a good reputation, as do the schools there. The houses might be nice at picket piece, but my concerns would be is there going to be a pub/shop/school/village hall you can walk to? Whitchurch is lovely because everything is easy to get to. My eldest is 7 now, but there were certainly a nice toddler groups in Whitchurch when she was tiny, we had friends there and used to hang out in Whitchurch regularly.

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