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Help! Unexpectedly widowed

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MrMur Thu 23-Oct-14 10:53:30


I have was seperated for about 7 years (but still married) and my daughter lived with her mum in the USA. Unexpectedly, my daughter's mum passed away just under three weeks ago. My daughter was wanting to return to the UK anyway (although not under these circumstances).

My daughter is 14 and has already missed half of the first term of year 10 and is coming from a completely different school system. I've decided to send her to Webber Independent school because I think it is her best chance of catching up in time for GCSE's at 16.

I have a good job but it's a long commute (2 hours each way). I can't change it immediately because of the financial commitment of the school fees. On the other hand, it's contract so wouldn't want to permanently relocate.

I don't have any family I can rely on in the area.

I think I need some extra help regarding childcare as I think it's too much to expect her to be on her own til 7-8pm when I would get in on a night.

I was wondering what suggestions and local resources people could recommend?

barbershopgel Tue 18-Nov-14 21:33:53

Really sorry for your loss and didn't want to read and pass on.

I have a DD same age and for her it was important to stay in her home but to have someone we could arrange to come in when I knew I was travelling out of town. I wanted to know there was someone local in case of emergency. Could you ask at the school whether they know of young adults in their twenties who could drop by around 6ish for an hour or so, so its more an older friend (paid) scenario. Might also help with the homework and cultural transition.

Best wishes

mum22crazyboys Mon 19-Jan-15 19:00:58


Really sorry for your and your daughters situation. We have used an Ofsted registered Nanny for babysitting and the odd day looking after my 2 boys. She is excellent and does before and after school care.

Message me if you want her details

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