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Moving to cheshire, childcare advice needed!

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Khold Sat 18-Oct-14 08:47:47

Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help us and give us some advice! We are looking at moving to tarporley or bunbury area next spring. We have a 2 and a half year old son and another baby on the way. Would really appreciate any advice on recommended nurseries or childminders in the area as this area is completely new to us so would love to hear any advice from anyone. Thank you for your help!

Voicesinmyear Sat 18-Oct-14 16:26:44

Not in that part of Cheshire but hopefully this will bump for you smile

CheshireEditor Mon 20-Oct-14 15:31:57

Hello and welcome to Cheshire (well soon anyway) further down the talk thread is some advice on Tarporley and I will tweet and FB your message. Also do please email me with any questions.

Khold Tue 21-Oct-14 21:00:44

Thank you. Let me know if you have any response as I am not on Facebook. Thanks

CheshireEditor Mon 03-Nov-14 21:31:40

I thnk as Tarporley is quite little, nurseries etc are a bit further afield. Have you called the local primary schools to ask for info?

NannyTalkNorthwest Fri 16-Jan-15 19:29:18

Did you know that Nannies are now Ofsted registered?

We have fabulous nannies who could help you with your childcare. We are based in Bollington smile

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