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Just moved to Winchester - making new mum friends

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ffixler Tue 29-Jul-14 20:45:13

I am moving to Winchester (fulflood area) this week. I have a two year old daughter and a three month old son. Would love to meet some other mums for coffee/park/softplay or to go to any baby classes with?

blueberryhedgehog Wed 30-Jul-14 22:50:06

Hi I live in Winchester and have a 2.9 year old son if you fancy a meet up at some point once your settled

Adri2014 Wed 06-Aug-14 13:36:33

Hi! i live here, i have a three month old girl, would love to meet for anything! i need to get out of the house. How should we do it?

Koko31 Sat 18-Oct-14 23:17:07

I've just moved from London to Winchester, living close to the station, I have a 16 month old little boy. If anyone fancies coffee and soft play let me know, would love to meet some local mummies :-)

mummytojames2017 Wed 08-Nov-17 13:13:56

Hello I just moved to Winchester 2 weeks ago I have a 12month old little boy if anyone is up for meeting .

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