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The Chuckle Brothers review

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aristocat Sat 19-Apr-14 18:03:09

The Chuckle Brothers in a 2014 Space Oddity (at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton)


Well, what can I say.
The Chuckle brothers definitely made myself and my almost 10year old daughter 'chuckle' today. We were laughing and giggling all the way through the show.

It is good clean slapstick comedy suitable for everyone. There were jokes, great songs, puppets, audience participation and magic tricks to keep you entertained from start to finish. To be honest I was surprised at the amount of adults without children watching .... it just goes to show you are never too old for comedy like this!

Thank you also to Richard Morgan, Safire, the Patton brothers and the wonderful dancers who made the show a success. Be prepared to get wet though, the water pistols were out in force today.

Well done Barry and Paul Chuckle, we thoroughly enjoyed your show smile

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