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Thinking of moving to Stroud/surrounding village - what is there to do??

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pamelaegg Sun 24-Nov-13 23:04:13

Hi. Any information on things to do with toddler/babies in Stroud and surrounding villages would be greatly appreciated. We (me, husband to be, 2 year old, and 5month old) are thinking of moving to Stroud for schools we like and to be closer to nature. We love the alternative and community vibe of Stroud so think that we will fit in, I'm just a bit concerned about what there is to do with little ones. There isn't much visible on the internet apart from general toddler groups, which is great, but I also want more focussed groups. I'm looking for groups which aren't franchises and which come from the heart of the person running them and perhaps those which are a little alternative. Perhaps a music/craft/story/imaginative/seasonally inspired play group or two! (not all of those at once of course!)

We live in Bristol at the moment and there is a huge variety of things to do. I have our week pretty set up going to a Steiner parent and toddler group (I know of one we would attend near Stroud already), and a wonderful group which has a small number of age-specific children, includes lots of imaginative play to music, as well as singing, playing instruments and dance. And there is also a singing group with a lady who writes her own children's songs and plays guitar. These kinds of things appeal to me, so if anyone knows of anything going on that would really reassure me that we can make the move!

Also, there are lots of softplays and parks to go to in Bristol - it looks like there aren't so many nearby Stroud - but there are woods and walks a plenty that make up for that I suppose?? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Any forest school type groups?

And one more question, is Stroud quite an open place in terms of friendliness and meeting people? I would know no-one, and while I am very open and friendly and find it easy to get on with people, I moved to Bath for awhile and found it quite closed and difficult to meet people there. It's soooo hard to know whether I'd be doing the right thing as I am happy in Bristol but I really like a couple of schools near Stroud and I don't really like what's on offer close to us in Bristol.

Any help/thoughts/comments/advice welcome and appreciated xx

MoneyPenney2 Thu 20-Mar-14 16:22:54

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone got back to you in reply to your questions about stroud and surrounding area? Or if you did end up moving there?
We are thinking of moving to the area, probably one of the villages outside of Stroud (like the look of nailsworth) We have a little boy who is 7 months old. And therefore have similar questions to yours above...

LauraRo Sat 12-Apr-14 17:27:19

Hi Pamela,

I've just moved to Stroud and I've been to a playgroup in Randwick (sticky fingers) which was lovely and there are a few children's centres that have playgroup type things. There is a soft play in Ebley called Go Bananas which is pretty good. I haven't managed to find a music group close enough to us (I don't drive yet) but there is one in Quedgeley which is nearby if you drive. There is a mumsnet meet-up being set up on the Gloucester group for the 28th April too, if you join that group you should get an invite. If you are now in the local area and would like to meet up for tea or something please get in touch - I'm still trying to find my feet in the area, with an 11 month old, and I would love a fellow newbie to explore with!


LauraRo Sat 12-Apr-14 17:29:17

P.S There is an outdoor toddler group, I haven't been but they have a yurt and it looks great. If you are in the area I saw it advertised on a flier in the Eco Shop in central Stroud. I'm also interested in forest school type activities, even though Robyn is still a bit little for them!

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