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Is anyone interested in a meet-up?

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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 22-Oct-13 11:56:03

I will be meeting up with some of the Glasgow mumsnetters - we are also Woolly Hug knitters, but the main activities of the day will be drinking coffee, eating cake and blethering - knitting and/or crochet are entirely optional - and I wondered if anyone else from Renfrewshire would like to come along, as you would be most heartily welcome.

We will be in the cafe at the Burrell Collection from 11am on Monday 28th of October - there should will be a Mumsnet card or two on the tables, as I won't be the only Local Ambassador there - and you should be able to spot us by the knitting and crochet that we spread around (to create the impression that we are busily crafting, when we are actually busily cake-eating).

Please do come along - it would be lovely to meet some more Renfrewshire Mumsnetters.

I will also be organising a meet up in Renfrewshire soon - maybe up at Braehead, as that is reasonably easy for people to get to, I think - and has plenty of parking and places to drink coffee and eat cake!

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