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Please Help My Friend!

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skratta Fri 17-May-13 17:45:35

Has anyone in the Ilford, Barkingside or Gantshill area seen a possibly confused or worried elderly lady, with black rimmed glasses and white/pale grey hair. She is 83 but looks younger.

My friend is getting desperate, it's her mother and she's not been in the house for six hours (since she got home). They've phoned Whipps and King George's A&E, they managed to get into the house forty five minutes after she got to the door. It's a broad description, she may have a pale brown handbag too if it helps, and a long shot but we all feel sick. Her daughter was meant to go home first, and called her mum (my friend) after twenty minutes of not getting in, thirty minutes later when my friend arrived, it was still not open. They thought she might be dead, but she's not, she's just gone out. For hours. sad

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