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Toddler groups at Childrens centres in Alvaston

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lynseypvic Thu 28-Mar-13 02:27:22

Has anyone tried the toddler groups at the childrens centre in Alvaston (Alvaston and Boulton Lane)?
Do they have much on offer and are the people running it friendly and patient? Also, what kind of size is the venue? Is it a bit cramped or is there much space?

Whilst I am a stay at home mum, I have older home educated children as well as my toddler, so I am not free to go round trying lots of groups. I an trying to organise some time where I can take my youngest to a new group once or twice a month. We already go along to Squeals at St Marys Church which is great because they let me bring the older children who both attended the group when they were younger, and this is a nice relaxed group in a large space, but my 3 yr old insists on staying on the trikes the entire time, which is the main activity for his age, so I want to find another group with a different set up to give him a change.
I have been along to both centres for development checks but to be honest, I could not see where there was space for them to run a decent size toddler group and I wish i had though to ask to have a look when I was there, but it all seemed a bit 'conveyor belt' when there for an appointment.

A long time ago I took my eldest to the family centre and central nursery which I believe is now called west end childrens centre and that kind of facility was fab but I don't know if these centres in alvaston would do anything on the same kind of scale.
I would be grateful if anyone could give me a bit more information about the sessions at these children centres.

Nightpig Mon 01-Apr-13 02:40:17

Hi, My friend takes her son to the Children's centre near Lakeside school. she says it's like a soft play, Mums aren't really allowed to sit around and chat, it's very child centred. Think it's on Wednesday morning.

Arion Fri 10-May-13 11:41:14

The Alvaston one (London road, nr Lakeside school) has a messy play on the Tuesday afternoon, a stay and play Wednesday afternoon and a stay and play Friday morning. If you drop in the centre you can pick up a brochure that outlines all the activities at the Surestart centres locally.

I've found the Alvaston one to have plenty of space, the room where they do weigh-ins has a bi-fold door, so they usually open that for the groups, then there is another room past the hatch/kitchen area that is open, and the outside bit if the weather is nice.

If you can't get to the centre, you can pm me and I can pick one up for you and drop it to you at Squeals, or ask my friend to pass it on! (Not outing myself here, not one bit! grin

SybildeChocolate Wed 15-May-13 10:07:40

Hi smile Have you all seen our meet up thread? You can bring your children with you.

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