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Kingswood Paragon Differences ?

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Lorneee Tue 19-Mar-13 20:40:43

My son Y5 and daughter Y1 have places at both schools they both seem great but we are moving from abroad and I have no idea how to choose between them. I have visited both and was impressed. Can anyone give some ideas of the differences between the two?? Paragon to Prior Park and Kingswood to Kingswood Senior.

All info welcome

QTPieToo Wed 20-Mar-13 14:33:11


I haven't looked at Prior Park, but have looked at Kingswood (although DS is due to start KES after Easter, Kingswood is still an option as we may move very near there - we will see).

Kingswood is more "academic" than Prior Park and more academically selective.
Kingswood is Methodist, PP is Catholic. Does either suit you more?
Kingswood is Lansdown, PP is Combe Down. Do you know where you will be living yet?
I have heard a few negatives about pastoral care (and bullying not being dealt with) at the Parragon. I believe there may also be a recent (or about to be) change of Head at the Parragon too.

Am not sure about other differences and we were looking at pre-prep (so less idea of Senior School differences).

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