HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE! It's the annual Jumping Over The Moon contest at Theatr Colwyn!

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VenueCymru Thu 31-Jan-13 12:27:36

It's the annual Jumping Over The Moon contest at Theatr Colwyn on February 15th- an event that The Cow always wins! However, this year, Little Miss Muffet has made a trampoline from Incy Wincy Spider's web, and she's sure she's going win!

But Wee Willie Winkie is up to his old tricks. He's scared the judges- The Dish and The Spoon- and they've run away! Without anyone to judge the jump, the contest will have to be cancelled!

The problem is so important that the nursery's two delightful puppet characters, Jenny and Davey, come to life to help! They visit Old King Cole to borrow his Big Book Of Rhymes and set off around Rhyme Town to find The Dish and The Spoon.

Hey Diddle Diddle is a magical show of songs, laughter and audience participation! Ideal for children of all ages! grin

15 February 2013 at 11am and 2pm
Tickets only £8.50 for adults and £7.50 for children!

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