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Just moved to St. Margarets with a 16 month old baby (and two small dogs!)

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Lollingtons Mon 28-Jan-13 19:32:43


I've just moved back to St. Margaret's after two years in Oxfordshire (doing up a house), and now have a new family member, my 16 month old son.

I would love to meet up with any mums who love walking in the parks, going to local meet ups or playgroups and making some new friends/support network.

I feel really out of it and want to get involved in all that's going on blush

JonquilleTW Tue 29-Jan-13 14:30:41

Hello Lolli,

Welcome back to St Margarets! There is a lot going on and you can check out some of the listings to see what would you like to attend.
There is also a meet up talk and we are trying to organise one soon, check it out here

Hope we will all make you welcome here (home) smile

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