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Schools in Falmouth

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lilbex81 Mon 01-Oct-12 13:19:30

Hello everyone, I have never posted a thread before but I could do with some advice from mums about schools in Falmouth. I am relocating to Falmouth from Stockport, Cheshire in August 2013 and my little girl is due to start Recepion the month after. I will be renting a property which is near to Marlborough school but I don't know which others to apply for. Does any one know which other schools have a good reputation?
I am leaving a job, friends and family so was also wondering if there were any parent toddler groups in or around Falmouth as I will also have a two year old boy who will need entertaining!!
Any help or advice is much appreciated as am trying to join as much as possible to keep myself busy so I don't miss anyone back home too much!

Zipstrel Fri 16-Nov-12 20:54:46

The first thing to point out is that all the schools in Falmouth are pretty good, so it doesn't really matter which one she goes to.

St Marys is the Catholic School, not that it seems to make much difference whether or not you're a catholic! It seems to be the most traditional though and is probably the smallest too.

I get the impression that Marlborough is quite arty and more progressive than the others (I could be wrong, but my friends kids go there and they seem to really encourage her DD's artistic side)

Then you also have King Charles, St Francis and Falmouth Primary, which are all much of a muchness I think.

Personally, I would just send her to Marlborough as it's the closest and then she'll be able to play out with friends after school.

There's a toddler group at the Emmanual Baptist Church on Western Terrace, or at least there was 2 years ago, I'm 99% certain that it's still going smile
I used to go there once or twice a week and it was good for meeting people and only cost 50p for 2 hours + snacks.

The library does a toddler group as well I think.

In fact, there's normally soooo many things going on in Falmouth that I struggle to find time for it all!

If you're happy to join in with stuff then I don't think you'll have a problem making friends, there're loads of people moved down from up north who will have been in the same situation at some point.

Marlborough is a nice area to live in too, right next to Swanpool beach which is gorgeous! There's a little play park right next to the school too, so I imagine if you hang about in there after school then you'll soon get chatting to other mums.

Let me know if you want to know owt else ;)

Nejifer Tue 20-Nov-12 18:01:09

I went to St Mary's, it was a fabulous school and very difficult to get in if you, like me, are not Catholic. I would put Falmouth Primary as the last choice due to the reputation of the school before it changed name. I'm not sure how different it could be when it still has the same catchment area.

Zipstrel Wed 21-Nov-12 08:58:20

Hi Nejifer!

I don't think that St Marys is difficult to get into anymore if you're not Catholic, as out of all my friends who send their children there, only one is Catholic. I think it used to be harder, but I guess with the decline in religion generally, they've had to lower their criteria.

JayAje Fri 11-Jan-13 15:59:37

Not sure about schools as we haven't got to that stage yet, but There are some lovely parent baby/toddler classes at the Zed Shed in Penryn (on Jubilee Wharf above Miss Pea Pods).

BadRoly Wed 30-Jan-13 23:11:51

My children go to Falmouth Primary and I would disagree with Nejifer. It does have a poor reputation in the town historically but I have only good things to say about the school and the staff. There is a genuine caring ethos in the school and I have felt that my children have had/are having their individual needs met. The support we have had as a family through a difficult year has been outstanding.

When we moved to Falmouth 3 years ago, we were told by each school that there are no 'catchment areas' but I know what Nejifer is trying to say! We were recommended King Charles at that time but I've since heard bad things about there.

Chatterchandler Thu 31-Jan-13 22:44:11

I just wanted to say that I moved from London 18 months ago and I am so glad we made the move. We live in Penryn, which is very near to Falmouth. My daughter goes to Penryn Junior School, but I would say that the schools are good - I have a few friends whose children attend St Francis and they are a friendly bunch of mums....
Toddler group - there is one at Highway Community Centre in Penryn which is along from the Zedshed (Jubilee Wharf) the group is called Acorns and meets up 3 times a week. They meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday's I think - 9.30-11.30..... They have great facilities and serve delicious home made cakes and proper coffee. It's very reasonable too!!!! A great place to meet local mums, whether you live in Falmouth or Penryn or surrounding villages.
There is also a 'family time' session, the 3rd saturday of every month in Laburnham Hall, Laburnham Drive, Falmouth which is 10-12pm. Again a great place to meet other parents in the area and the children get to let off steam in the bouncy castle and it's a place you can take children of all ages and there are activities that you can do with your children.....This is free too!!!!!
Hope your move goes well - take care.

lilbex81 Fri 19-Apr-13 20:51:33

Thank you so much for your information! I have only just logged back on and hadn't realised how many helpful replies I had received!
I visited Marlborough school and loved it, I put it down as my first choice and St Francis as my second and my daughter has been given a place at St Francis sad I don't know why I am so gutted because St Francis is an amazing school but I just loved Marlborough so much.
We are only 0.29 miles away from Marlborough but 0.96 miles away from St Francis. I had heard that Marlborough was very popular but as distance from school was second on the over subscription criteria and as it is our nearest school i thought we would get a place sad. I am wondering if it it because we don't actually live at the address yet? Does anyone else have any experience or advice on this? Any help would be so much appreciated x

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Wed 24-Apr-13 22:32:47

Marlborough is very very oversubscribed. St Francis is a great school. I'm sure it will work out for you.

thewalrus Wed 15-May-13 15:21:54

Have you had a letter from the council telling you why you didn't get in/how far you are away from the cut-off point? If not, might be worth contacting them as people I know locally who've been unsuccessful with 1st choice have received that information. Might give you an idea of if there's any point holding out for Marlborough as you are very close. I believe the people who just missed out last year are about .3 miles from the school.
Having said all that, I know a lot of people with kids at St Francis and they are all very very happy there.

lilbex81 Wed 26-Jun-13 19:57:34

Thanks all for your advice, we got in after a school appeal. Moving in 4 weeks, hurray!

robo29 Wed 01-Apr-15 07:35:24

How are you finding the Marlborough school the walrus? We may be in a similar position and moving to Falmouth. Marlborough seems to have the best ofsted reports. How close do you have to live to the school? Is there much else going on for 4 year olds? Thank you in advance for any help smile

Bird13 Mon 14-Aug-17 07:51:08

Hey everybody.. Seriously considering moving to cornwall next year.. any advice on areas great for a young family and most important great primary schools as my daughter will be going in to yr2 by then?? Whats Newquay like as a place to live and schools?? Falmouth/ Truro?? Any Villages?? Also have horses so best places for yards?? Any advice would be fab..

Sneezeandooops Thu 24-Aug-17 22:03:43

I grew up in Newquay, now live near Redruth only 30 mins away so still go to my favourite beach regularly. Partly moved because we couldn't afford to buy a house there and it was a bit far for DH work. But I personally dont think it's a family place anymore. They are building 1000s of houses in the area and still only have 3 primary and 2 senior schools. Never mind only 2 doctors surgeries. Village wise St Newlyn East nr Newquay is a friendly area and Carharrack/St Day has big community spirit. Both also have alot of horses in the area. Hope thay helps

Sneezeandooops Thu 24-Aug-17 22:19:25

Bird13 Stithians is near Falmouth that seems to be a popular village also

Westmount1 Fri 01-Jun-18 14:27:10

We moving to Cornwall and wondering whether it will be best to live in Redruth,Truro or Newquay, other half will be working in Redruth,girls are 7 and 10 years, they also do ballet, drama and brownies so need these activities close by,thanks

TheSnorkMaidensFlower Mon 09-Jul-18 14:55:13

Did you decide on an area, Westmount1, or are you still weighing up the options?

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