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Mum to be in Wantage - anyone in the same boat?

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Lourockwest Tue 18-Sep-12 09:01:26

I've lived in Wantage for a bit but it's slowly dawning in me that I don't really know anyone in Wantage who is having a baby soon, I'm 32 weeks pregnant, just left work and feeling quite bored (there's only so much nesting a girl can do!) and it would be great to meet some mum's to be like me in the area. Anyone in the same predicament?

OOZZ Fri 28-Sep-12 12:03:09

Hi Louise,
I just joined mumsnet and saw your post. I'm behind you at 23 weeks, but I work from home and found myself with lots of free time on my hands latelysmile Would love to meet for some chat.

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