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Just sticking my toe in the water.. (wish I bloody could- it's freezing on the Hoe!)

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Snowgirl83 Wed 05-Sep-12 12:29:51


Have been lurking around MN for a while now, but have had the devastation of house renovations (alongside the difficulty in what F&B colour to get the Crown decorating centre to copy..) occupying my scatty, 34 weeks pregnant brain and so now it's coming to a close thought i'd say hello.

Recent mover to Plymouth from London (well in May, but then have kind of lost track of time & now realised I must attempt to seek out adult conversation else I'll go from talking to/at Jeremy Kyle to a newborn. Not sure yet which is worse) and having my first; a little boy on the 11th Oct.

So! Are there any people lurking around (you know when a word gets stuck in your head? Well that's firmly stuck in mine now & am hoping overuse will get rid) who are in the same boat? Ahhh... boats. Bet I'm not the only one hoping this sunshine will carry on to the weekend.


Pheebs24 Thu 27-Sep-12 04:48:33

Hiya! I guess you are very pregnant by now and perhaps not wanting to get out too much, but thought I'd recommend the local NCT group - they're a really nice bunch and I've gone to their bumps and babies sessions a couple of times at the Crownhill family centre:

I'm 36+4 so probably won't go again until the baby's here, but feel free to message me smile and I hope you're enjoying Plymouth!

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