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Pregnant in Southampton area?... I want to set up a mum-to-be network.

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Pudz808 Sat 04-Aug-12 18:09:04

Hi all,
I'm new to mums net and wanted to start up a network of similar ladies living in the Southampton area who are pregnant so we can chat and share stories/info!
I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my first baby...very excited!
We've not started anti natal classes yet (start next week) and I'm not originally from the South so thought it would be nice to find other mums to be to chat to.
I had to have a physio session recently and met a lady due similar time to me, we chatted briefly and I realised how nice it is to speak to someone going through exactly the same things as me....wish I'd got her number!
Anyway....please join this chat if you're interested.
Look forward to speaking to you.

mummyof1toarchie Wed 28-Jan-15 09:41:34

Hello I've set up a social website for mums called

Its new but thought that could help mums and expecting mums.

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