Hello to anyone in Ceredigion area

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welshmum80 Thu 21-Jun-12 16:00:54

Hello First time mum due Autumn! I would love to meet people in my area who are pregnant or have young babies. I am working full time and quite new to area, don't really know other pregnant ladies. Anyone out theresmile? I have my own transport so feel free to get in touch and we could meet for a coffee etc. Thanks...

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welshmum80 Mon 09-Jul-12 16:39:31

bump! Is anyone out there? smile

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IawnCont Wed 05-Sep-12 20:21:04

Hello! Are you still around? How's the pg going? I'm about 30 minutes from Aber but we could meet for a coffee some time of you still fancy it...

CardiBachAtHome Tue 13-Nov-12 18:49:07

Hi! I'm here - Cardigan area as you can guess from my NN. DD is 16.

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