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Anyone know of a childminder/nursery that does ad hoc care?

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PanicMode Wed 06-Jun-12 17:30:34

Have potentially got a chance to do some consultancy work for my old firm, but it's likely to be a day here and there as and when they need me - so I'd need care for my 2 year old every now and then. Is anyone aware of any nurseries/childminders that would do this?

bbface Wed 06-Jun-12 21:15:15

Whilst looking myself, I came across long acre nursery, which operates out of the sports centre, and does occasional care. Looks pretty good.

PanicMode Thu 07-Jun-12 10:32:22

I thought you had to remain on site though if you use ad hoc care? But thank you, had forgotten about them.

With regards to nurseries, I used a nanny in the end so didn't investigate. Everyone I know uses St George's and rates it, but there are others like Little Acorns, Little Rascals (?) and I think Little Cottage. Depends a bit where you are in town I suppose.

I use The Alphabet Train once they hit 3 (I have four children!) and love it, although it is only morning sessions 9.15-12.15.

Shivs1974 Sun 10-Jun-12 20:53:07

Try the TW NCMA coordinator-think her name is Lynn. Should appear on a google search....I know a lovely c/m on Stephen's Rd-Pm me if you want her details....

PanicMode Mon 11-Jun-12 11:22:30

Thanks Shivs - I have Lynn's email addy now so will drop her a line.

lechatnoir Sun 23-Sep-12 21:09:45

I'm sure you've solved your childcare issues by now but in case anyone else is still looking, I'm an Ofsted Registered childminder just outside Tunbridge Wells and take children on an 'ad hoc' basis as I prefer to take on a smaller number of regular children.
Message me for more information.

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