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Advice re. schools in Walton-on-Thames please

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bluesky2012 Sun 20-May-12 21:46:47


We are moving to Walton-on-Thames in the next six months and would really appreciate any general advice on the local Montessori nurseries, state and private primary and secondary schools. We are believers (CofE) but not dedicated enough to go to church every Sunday so understand that Ashley would not be an option.

From my research, I have found the following schools...any feedback/advice would be gratefully received as we are just searching the house hunt! (our baby boy will be one in July).

Bell Farm

St James'

Thank you very much.....

frazzledmumoftwo Wed 11-Jul-12 21:08:58

Hi - just seen this, and that no-one ever replied.
We live in Oatlands Village - officially Weybridge, but basically midway between Weybridge and Oatlands.
Ashley CofE is lovely ... some of entry is non church going I think, and on distance (but you have to live very close), so don't write it off completely. If you don't get live close enough to get in just on distance, it might be worth checking the church going threshold (ie is it 2x a month, or?) as it is a very very good school. Particularly if you are not anti-church, but just not in the habit of going.
DS (5.5) goes to Oatlands (4-7) - we love the school. And we are assuming he will go to Cleves afterwards (7-11) I am not sure what the latest estimate on what distance you have to live to get in ... school or Surrey County Council website may be able to help.
Ashley (4-11), Oatlands (4-7) and Cleves (7-11) are the three primaries who get OFSTED Outstandings.
Manby Lodge might be another option (4-7) ... It is much closer to Weybridge, but various friends in Walton have got in for this year.
Walton primary schools (Bell Farm, Burhill) have all recently become all through primaries (4-11) .. announced last Xmas, I think for entry from this September.
There has recently been a lot of local upset over Cleves plans to expand to full 4-11 entry.
St James is a 4-11 primary in Weybridge town centre (further West than Oatlands, Cleves, and even Manby) ... I would assume Walton was too far away to get in.
Heathside is in Weybridge, large secondary from 11-18. I think it is meant to be quite good, but we haven't looked that far ahead yet.

PS. If you might want to use Oatlands Preschool, put your son's name down as soon as possible (you may already be too late - lol) if you wanted to go there. I don't quite see why it is so popular, when I toured I didn't like it as much as other preschools I visited, but I think it is in a unique location, just next to Oatlands School and in the heart of Oatlands Village, and small. We went to Honeypots Preschool (in Walton Cricket club, no need to rush to get place, enquiring the term or two before starting is usually fine, and it was LOVELY) but for some reason Oatlands Preschool is crazily popular, and people put children's names down from birth onwards.

KSwan Tue 23-Jul-13 15:01:46

Hi girls,
I am also planning to move to Walton on THames in the next 6 month and I was wondering about GP services and hospitals in the area. Any tips appreciated. :-)

KSwan Mon 12-Aug-13 14:39:14

Expansion rejected.

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