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Down trodden mum stuck in a rut

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Ajay64 Fri 09-Mar-12 12:21:25

Relatively recently moved to Hastings and love being here BUT terribly lonely. Husband has embarked on a recent new career path, meaning he is away for weeks on end and upon his eagerly awaited return, he greets me with comments such as, why has the bin not been emptied etc. I can't be the only one, can I girls? Finally decided a trip to the doctors might be in order as have started losing my temper and feeling quite emotional etc lately and was diagnosed with mild depression/ exhaustion. How did this happen? Having once been a bit of a gym junkie , party girl, I now find myself a downtrodden mum of two. Absolutely adore my little darlings (I have two girls) of course and would not change anything but feel like I am in a deep hole, without a spade. I am trying to help myself 'out of it' but it is a struggle. Anybody else felt like this and if so got any tips X

skandi1 Fri 09-Mar-12 12:27:12

Am bumping as I am in a similar situation and looking for advice too before I got completely chicken oriental too.

Will post again later when the wailing children are in bed. smile

skandi1 Sat 10-Mar-12 03:10:33

Hi again.
Sorry so exhausted this evening I fell asleep fully dressed without dinner as soon as I put the children to bed. DS is just woke me now, wailing because he is teething.

So back to you. I assume your DH knows you have been to GP and diagnosed with exhaustion/mild depression? If not tell him immediately. And make him take a week off work to look after the girls and house so as to look after you. And yes I should take my own advice here and do the same....

I was hoping someone wiser would come along to help.

I too am knackered. I have two small children. I used to have a high flying career, wear designer suits, go to Michelin starred restaurants, the gym and generally be polished and interesting. Now I am fat, in cheap nasty fat clothes (covered in baby biscuit and sick), too tired for gym or anything and I honestly cannot remember the last time I did anything for me or remotely interesting. I suspect I am depressed too and I am certainly knackered.

Sorry not much advice but sympathy at leastsmile

Hopefully my bumping will get us some answers.

Ajay64 Mon 12-Mar-12 11:44:20

Ah well, at least I am not alone. I do try and make an effort with myself, if not sporadically. It is certainly sporadic though. Know I am not prepared to give in to mumdom completely. Feeling a little brighter this week. Have finally had a long talk with hubby and actually made some progress, in the sense that, we both acknowledge we have a problem but I guess that is a huge step forward, as before I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall. Whereabouts do you live an how old are your darlings. I have two girls, aged 3 and 1. Maybe we could make a master plan to get ourselves back on track over a cuppa one day.

skandi1 Mon 12-Mar-12 23:05:14

Hi ajay
Glad you are feeling brighter and had talk with hubby.

My darlings are 2.7 and 8 months. DD is oldest.

Sadly not in Hastings but in Beckenham which is the London part of north west Kent so meeting up is not impossible. We certainly wouldn't mind a trip to the seaside.

Love to meet and try to rediscover myself a little with someone in a similar position.

PM me or I will PM you tomorrow. smile

Ajay64 Tue 13-Mar-12 10:42:14

Ah what a shame, we are not closer. Our little ones are not disimilar ages are they? I used to live in Lee in South East London, so not that far from you but after our first came along we decided we wanted to move to the coast.
I am on the case, trying to sort out a childminder so that just one day a week I can have 'me time' How are you feeling today? Good day?


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