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Sport for kids in sheffield

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mintychocchip Tue 05-Jul-11 21:30:00

Hi I am moving to Sheffield next week with my DH, DS1 who is 10 and DS who is 6. They are both mad about sport, particularly cricket, hockey and swimming. My DH and I have also recently started running and we both enjoy going to the gym.

What are sheffield sports facilities like? We have checked out Abbeydale Sports Club on the internet and that seems to offer cricket and hockey but we're wondering what they're like and what else there is. We will be living in Fulwood with DSs going to Nether Green Infants and juniors.

Hulababy Tue 05-Jul-11 21:32:16

Have a look at KickStart and PremierSport - both do out of school activities, esp at primary age.

Welcome to Sheffield. smile I drive through Fulwood and NG juniors every morning on my way to work. Nice area.

mintychocchip Tue 05-Jul-11 21:47:12

Thanks hulababy. I'll try those websites. Do you find lots of things to do in sheffield with kids? It seems like there is loads going on - my kids are really excited about magna and the deep in hull and the pool in hillsborough with slides?!

Hulababy Tue 05-Jul-11 21:54:21

My DD is 9y and yes we keep busy.

The local parks are all great and have their own added bonuses. Graves Park has the small animal section, Rivelin has the paddling pools, Endcliffe has been newly done out, Millhouses Park has the water play area, etc.

Western Park Museum is good to while a way an afternoon - hands on, interactive and free.

The fountains in the Peace Gardens in town are great in the summer - children take their swimmers and dash in and out of them smile

The fire and police museum in the city centre is worth a visit too, esp for the younger child.

Magna is a good day out and the outdoor play area and water play area are great.

There is the Butterfly House at Anston - about hanf an hour or so away which is great.

Lots of farm type places within a short drive away - and a maize maze or two, such as at Cannon Hall the other side of town.

Do yours still like soft play? There is one not far from you called Playspace, a bit further down at Ranmoor.

mintychocchip Tue 05-Jul-11 22:00:13

Thanks the list of parks is great, we have loads to go on there. I love the park/cafe in endcliffe but hadn't thought much further afield.

I looked up kickstart but can only get a drugs rehab place or new business start up support! Will keep trying.

Premier sport seem to offer loads at lydgate schools and they were our second preference! But I am delighted with nether green schools as they seem so friendly and welcoming and have great facilities

Hulababy Tue 05-Jul-11 22:05:07

Nether Green schools are supposed to be great schools. They have a fab reputation.

Hulababy Tue 05-Jul-11 22:07:45

Kick Start -

StayFrosty Tue 05-Jul-11 22:09:15

our local park runs one off days with different activities for children in the summer holidays. i can't find anything on the crappy council website, but there is usually a laminate tied up at the park gates listing what is coming up. recently there's been football and grass sledging.

hatwoman Tue 05-Jul-11 22:13:59

we have just signed dd up for trampolining at Ponds Forge. don;t know what's going on there but I was gobsmacked - there was a choice of days/times, no waiting list and secondly it's £4 an hour shock.

If you're at all rurally inclined you can get out to the Peak District - Burbage is stunning and less than 10 minutes drive from Fulwood. Smeltings Farm at Ringinglow is good if they fancy having a go at riding. and the Climbing Works off Abbeydale Road is one of the country's best bouldering centres - they do lots of kids' sessions. and they have lovely leather sofas and decent coffee. there's also a great gymnastics club called Sheffield Workshop.

hatwoman Tue 05-Jul-11 22:15:35

I know you didn't mention riding, climbing or gymnastics but taht's what I know about. and for climbing Sheffield/the Peaks really is the best place in the UK.

mintychocchip Wed 06-Jul-11 10:34:02

Thanks hulababy for the link - I have emailed them about their sports parties because DS1 will turn 11 soon into the september term and I thought I'd get organised with a few ideas.

The gymnastics, climbing and horseriding are great ideas hatwoman - I think when they're at primary age it's about giving them chances to try as many different sports as possible. I suspect the love of cricket and hockey is partly because they offer those at sports centres near where we currently live and I'm not one for spending hours in the car driving kids around to activities far away! The bouldering centre in abbeydale road sounds great.

Does anyone know if the sheffield NCT is good for listing acitvities for primary agred children? We used to live in guildford and it was mainly for under 5's but not sure if that's a nationwide thing. Any regular publications we should be looking for which do list events?

katz Wed 06-Jul-11 10:40:20

Another place to look for sports activities is Zest which is in upperthorpe, my DD2 does a street dance class there which is £1! for an hours lesson. They do other stuff too. link here

Both hula's and my dd1 go climbing

Hulababy Wed 06-Jul-11 14:49:39

If they like the idea of climbing I can def recommend the rockstars sessions at The Edge nr bramall lane nr city centre. They do sessions from age 7 up on weekends and after school. They last 2 hrs and cost £13 Inc shoe hire etc. My dd and katz's dd go once a fortnight and they've just passed their level 1 climbing awards. They do bouldering but also climbing with ropes, etc. Dd also had her party their in April. They ate really friendly too.

Hulababy Wed 06-Jul-11 14:55:15

Are there other activities they like? Drama? Book clubs? Etc.

And yes the countryside round here is a delight, so try and don some walking boots once you're here.

Do you geocache? If so there are many locally and ESP out in the country to discover.

Where are you moving from?

mintychocchip Thu 07-Jul-11 10:20:23

Thanks for the idea hulababy - I had to google search geocache as had never heard of it! Sounds great fun with kids - a good way to keep them motivated on a walk I imagine. Is there a local group that geocache or do you do it yourself within your own family group?

My sons love climbing but that is based on their experience of a small climbing wall in our local leisure centre. Bouldering sounds like a big step up. I'm sure DS1 would love to try it and it's something for DS2 to aim for after next birthday. Why did you choose The Edge rather than Climbing Works?

We are moving from Cork in Ireland. It is beautiful here and the kids love their lives but I grew up in Sheffield and I have always yearned to move back - I haven't lived in Sheffield for 24 years! so I am feeling very nervous about it all. We do visit family every year but it is very different to living in a place and I am really keen that I give the kids the same (or better) sporting/fun/family activities in Sheffield as they're used to in Cork so they're not upset about the move.

I didn't go to the schools they'll be at as I was at the High School - girls only until sixth form and I was not at all sporty as a child, so I really feel like a newbie to Sheffield life!

mintychocchip Thu 07-Jul-11 10:52:21

I'm not sure about other activities - drama or book clubs. They both love reading but DS1 is quiet and fairly shy so although such things might be good at bringing him out of himself, he has never been keen and I have never wanted to push beyond a first suggestion.

They love dancing, are big michael jackson fans and go mad at the annual school disco but again I think they'd be too shy to do that in a class, especially where it was mainly girls.

I will wait and see what the schools offer by way of after school clubs, I imagine there will be some variety there.

Do you mind me asking - do you find sheffield traffic horrendous? The roads around Fulwood/Broomhill/into town always seem really clogged up when I visit, I'm hoping it's not like that all the time!

hatwoman Thu 07-Jul-11 12:39:26

an SHS girl ay? me too! if you haven't lived in Sheffield for 24 years then it's very likely we were there at the same time (I left U6 in 1989). There's someone else on here too. iirc I've accused hulababy of being the one but I think it might be Edam.

mintychocchip Thu 07-Jul-11 13:24:35

How funny hatwoman! I left SHS in 1986 I think but I left before 6th form and went to Tapton for my A levels as SHS weren't doing Psychology or Home Ec and I was determined to do one or the other.

You might therefore have been the year above me. I should keep my head down as I had a strange time at SHS - I started off being one of the very square ones indeed and ended up going a bit wild - on an even keep now though!

Do you still see people in Sheffield from SHS? I came to a reunion in the Wig and Pen years ago and am still very close friends with my best friend from SHS - we moved to Tapton together.

Hulababy Thu 07-Jul-11 13:31:39

No, I'm not a SHS girl. I grew up in Doncaster and went tot he local comp grin

However my DD is at Ashdell, the small girl's prep school. Will be looking at secondary this time next year before exam time and currently looking at SHS and Westbourne.

Hulababy Thu 07-Jul-11 13:33:51

Traffic near Fulwood not normally too bad. Broomhill can get a bit clogged at rush hour, as can Ecclesall Road. During other hours they are fine though.

I live up at Lodge Moor and travel through Fulwood to get to work at Hunters Bar.

mintychocchip Thu 07-Jul-11 17:27:53

Thanks hulababy for those comments.

We are packed up and ready to sail overnight to Swansea so great excitement in the house! I will be checking out some of those ideas over the next two weeks in Sheffield, though we don't move over proper until end of August.

Thanks to all, this thread has been very helpful and positive!

katz Thu 07-Jul-11 19:19:03

We will have to arrange to meet up once you're here properly.

Hope the move goes smoothly and welcome back to Sheffield

mintychocchip Mon 25-Jul-11 17:05:30

Thanks katz for suggesting that, I would really like to meet up.

We have done our 2 week visit to Sheffield and loved it. The boys got on great, they really settled well into the schools and we found everyone very friendly. I really do like Sheffield as a place, we had a lovely walk/lunch in Millhouses Park on a bright sunny day and I felt it all clicking into place!

Just have to pack up the house now.......

Hulababy Tue 26-Jul-11 20:54:49

Good to hear that you enjoyed your visit here. Good luck with the packing and the move.

wolfnipplechips Thu 08-Sep-11 11:34:18

Hi, Loads of sporty things to do around here. My 6 year old does Playball at CDYST and Ashdell and loves it, they have rugby classes too but not sure of the age for these classes. Abbeydale hockey club is good top and Hallam grange for tennis. Can recommend Virgin as a gym, lots of classes etc.

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