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New Ceroc classes in Dorchester.

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sailorsgal Sat 12-Mar-11 14:13:11

At the Corn Exchange. High East St. DT1 1HF

Every Wednesday. Doors open at 7.30pm.

No Partner needed and no need to book! £6

For more info.


Tel. 07733 408796

maryjane71 Sun 13-Mar-11 02:50:29

Do you know Ceroc jive isn't proper/Strictly jive? I went 3 years ago for 6 months and was very disappointed. There are far more women than men so I ended up being a man grin

I imagined myself giving award winning performances at family parties but unless someone else has been trained in Ceroc it's a waste of time. It is good fun though and fab exercise! Although the long timers take it far too seriously.

sailorsgal Sun 13-Mar-11 09:24:34

I normally do salsa and saw them dancing ceroc in the high st yesterday. It looked fairly simple and fun. I took a flyer and said I would put the details up on here for them.

I think there are far more men dancing these days and anything that gets us up off the sofa for and burn a few calories I am up for! And not a lot going on in Dorchester on a Wednesday night. grin

JuicyLips Tue 15-Mar-11 12:59:37

sounds interesting. Used to go to a ballroom dancing class (beginners) in Dorch on a fri evening but think that has stopped now. Could be an option.

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