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studentbabycatcher Sun 06-Feb-11 11:16:05

Just thought Id say hi to all the local ladies on here!

Im a new mommy, my lil oliver is 3 months and growing quickly! I am a student midwife and I live in dundee, looking for stuff to go to with my wee man so if any of you know good things to try let me know!


mommmmyof2 Sun 06-Feb-11 14:05:49

hello, welcome to MN oh and mommy hood

clayre Sun 06-Feb-11 14:09:28

Hello welcome to mumsnet!

preciousangelsmum Tue 19-Apr-11 21:51:56

baby swimming at the olympia is a winner. nursery rhymes and other babies and toddlers. on tuesdays and thurdays at 11am (maybe other days too). info is under swimming lessons on the posters.

mumofamonkey Fri 05-Aug-11 15:18:35

brand new to mumsnet, and thought i'd say 'hi' and 'help?!' my toddler never ever stops, even his nursery think he has too much energy! is this normal? starting to have all kinds of paranoia bout disorders an stuff!

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