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Cleaning/Dog walking

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CalamityKate Mon 31-Jan-11 18:54:05

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this (apologies if not) but I'm trying to find some cleaning/dog walking work to earn some extra pennies.

I'm in Colchester and have a car so I can travel a reasonable distance.

I'll do just cleaning, or just dog walking - or a bit of both if you fancy coming home to a clean house and a relaxed dog!

If anyone's interested, please PM me.

Ta x

CalamityKate Wed 16-Feb-11 01:18:15

Bumpety bump.

Sawyer64 Sat 19-Feb-11 12:13:38

I'm looking for a cleaner.....what do you charge?

CalamityKate Sat 19-Feb-11 13:13:01

I've been asking around and £8 per hour seems the average for a private cleaner. My elderly neighbour was paying an agency cleaner £13.50 an hour which is outrageous!!

Sawyer64 Tue 01-Mar-11 21:30:58

That seems reasonable.
My E mail is,if you want to drop me a line,maybe we can sort out a time to meet and discuss.

CalamityKate Tue 01-Mar-11 21:43:20

Mailed you

outoftheboxmummy Sat 02-Apr-11 00:04:14

Hi Kate

Would you come to Wivenhoe?

If so can you text/call me? Tanya 07737257766

CalamityKate Tue 12-Apr-11 01:55:14

Ooh hi! Sorry, only just noticed this! Will call tomorrow

Sawyer64 Thu 14-Apr-11 23:04:20

I can definitely recommend Kate,she is reliable,friendly and works hard!smile

CalamityKate Fri 15-Apr-11 00:53:17

Oooh I've actually gone scarlet! grin Thank you! x

Sawyer64 Wed 27-Apr-11 07:34:51

Credit where Credits due Kate! smile

lucyfer2000 Sat 28-May-11 09:51:21

Hi Kate,

I am looking for a cleaner as my stress levels seem to be going through the roof lately what with working 3.5 days a week and having three kids!

Can you email me

if you are interested. I live in Great Horkesley.

Thanks smile

Sawyer64 Wed 08-Jun-11 20:51:03

Hi Lucyfer,Unfortunately kate is off with a bad back at the moment,so I haven't seen her to pass this time I see her I will,but she's not able to do any cleaning at the moment anyway.

CalamityKate Thu 09-Jun-11 15:58:35

Bad back is getting better (touching wood frantically) - Lucy, I have messaged you on here, then realised you asked me to message you elsewhere. I'll C + P and send it to that one as well smile

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