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Raynes Pk/ Wimbledon Mummies - Anyone up for a coffee meetup?

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swannny Sat 08-Jan-11 19:41:47

I'm 28 from Raynes Pk and 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby.

A lot of my friends don't really understand the whole being pregnant thing and I'm starting to feel really lonely.

My Mum is in Cyprus and has been since the beginning of my pregnancy pretty much (except for about a month in Nov). Unfortunately she had to go back at the beginning of December as my Nan died and she's still there sorting stuff out.

My husband has been amazing, but there's only so much he can understand.

So anyway, it would be lovely to meet other pregnant ladies in the area.

wombly Sun 09-Jan-11 00:26:55

Bumping for you, Swanny. There are tons of MNers in Merton. My dc are older, so I'm not really what you're after. smile If you go to Wimbledon library - or hopefully Raynes Park library - they have an activities folder which lists all the things for mums and kids in the area - there are tons. Keep posting on here if you don't find what you want, though!

swannny Sun 09-Jan-11 19:14:23

Thanks Wombly xx

mummy2oandh Sun 09-Jan-11 20:28:44

The toddler group at St Matthews church on a Monday morning need help as the people who have been helping are not going to be there soon as their little ones start school nursery.

Would be a great opportunity to meet local people pregnant and with babies already.

Starts at 10am smile. I don't go anymore as DD too old and I work now. Sorry but everyone is very very friendly and I could let some people know you were going?

mummy2oandh Sun 09-Jan-11 20:30:15

help = making tea and coffee also setting out toys which takes 10mins

TheHouseofMirth Sun 09-Jan-11 20:39:47

I'm not pg (have 5 yo and 22 mo DSs) but am in RP and would happily meet for coffee and baby talk if you don't get any better offers!

You'll make some friends through your NHS or NCT ante natal classes if you do them but I agree, it's at this stage of your pregnancy you could really do with friends who understand what you're going through.

If you are planning to breast feed then I'd really recommend going along to some La Leche League meetings. Apart from the fact they are fab preparation and supoort, they actively welcome pregnant mums to meetings so you may make some new friends there.

swannny Mon 10-Jan-11 12:26:16

Sounds good TheHouseofMirth - Inbox me and let me know when you're free

mummy2oandh - Where's St Matthews Church?


mummy2oandh Mon 10-Jan-11 20:03:30

Durham rd

swannny Mon 10-Jan-11 20:29:22

OMG, I thought it was that one! That's the church that wakes me up every Sunday... TWICE! LOL - I live on Richmond Rd Mega! I'll drop by. It's seconds from me. Thanks xx

Tracy0 Tue 11-Jan-11 12:18:48

Looking to meet other Mothers in the area.. My Daughter is nearly 9 months and im a stay at home mom from wimbeldon Park.

Dont have many friends with babies and would love to meet some other Mums.

I am also looking for any baby classes I can join to help meet others. Please let me know if anyone knows of any in the area.

Many Thanks

swannny Tue 11-Jan-11 13:14:47

Tracy0 - I might have some info for you in that case as I've been doing a lot of research. Will inbox you my details xx

swannny Thu 20-Jan-11 14:46:49

Just bumping this to see if there are any newbies who are in the area x

SJP2010 Thu 27-Jan-11 02:15:20

Hi! I'm a new mum with a four week old. Would love to meet other new mum's in the Wimbledon area...

Please get in touch!

NoHunIntended Thu 27-Jan-11 19:52:23

Me too! My son is coming up to four months. I live in Central Wimbledon.

swannny Fri 28-Jan-11 11:18:39

SJP2010 and NoHunIntended Inbox me with your details, there's a group of us meeting soon. Also, if you'd like a general chat, email me -


NoHunIntended Fri 28-Jan-11 14:01:23

Done (to email, not inbox). x

katykoos Sat 05-Feb-11 11:12:50

Hi all, I'm in Raynes Park too. Have just moved to the area from Southampton and know literally no one . My son is 5 weeks old and would be great to meet anyone for coffee or someone to head to any baby classes with. It's all a bit daunting shock


NoHunIntended Sat 05-Feb-11 13:43:10

Hi, Katy

Mine is now 17 weeks, am just starting to make an effort to go to some groups (haven't been yet!) - some near you in RP - PM me if you'd like to go together. x

Bicnod Tue 08-Feb-11 13:00:47

Hi all - I'm in Raynes Park as well. I've got a 21 month old DS and am nearly 18 weeks pg with DC2. Always up for meeting more local mums so if you're having a meet up could I come along?!

Katy - I went to Uni in Southampton and was brought up in the New Forest

anne74 Wed 16-Feb-11 12:47:50

Oooh. Can I come? My son is 8 weeks and I'd love to meet up with some local mums. My NCT group are all a bit far away at the mo. Can you let me know what you're up to?

Unrulysun Tue 22-Feb-11 21:41:38

I'd be interested in a coffee meet. Dd is 9 months and I've just decided not to go back to work so would like to meet all the people I can.

Also are you aware of Naughty Mummy? They sometimes do coffee meet ups and I really enjoyed the one I went to.

Yvers Tue 01-Mar-11 12:40:25

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and keen to meet up with Mums to be in Wimbledon/Raynes park area for coffee and natter.

LHDrive104 Wed 09-Mar-11 17:25:23

Hi all,

Have just come across your messages & wondered if it was too late to join in? My daughter is 4 months old & we aimlessly loiter around the area so it would be great to head on out & meet up for coffee & cake with some real people.

If you guys feel that you have a nice established group just let me know & I'll put a fresh shout out.

Bicnod Wed 16-Mar-11 20:01:55

Well I haven't heard anything about a meet up so maybe we could organise something? Don't want to put times and meet up places on the thread (stranger danger) so if anyone is interested in a meet up PM me with your email address and I'll coordinate.

<puts organised hat on>


NoHunIntended Thu 17-Mar-11 22:43:48

I am liking your new hat, Bicnod. Suits you! Will PM you now!

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